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Wealth Management

Prescott Financial recognizes that even bursting levels of wealth, money, or finances, are not invincible to an ever-shifting economy.  Nonetheless, throughout phases of both drought and abundance, our goal is to always keep the leaves of our individual’s investments green and never let it stop producing fruit.

“A sound asset allocation strategy can be key when weathering uncertain markets.”

A sound asset allocation strategy can be key when weathering uncertain markets. Our investment philosophy hinges on long-term strategic asset allocation combined with tactical adjustments based on market environments.


This method is implemented through disciplined and objective selections of investments. By considering the best options suitable for a specific Purpose, Prescott Financial maintains both a quantitative and qualitative screening and analysis that do not include or consider in any way any financial arrangements or business relationships that may or may not exist between Prescott Financial and any financial institution. Firmly, our targets are solely objective and reasoned on a basis of in-depth knowledge, comprehensive exposure, and transparent fee structures, so that our clients have the intelligibility and confidence that their assets are being invested in accordance to their best interests.


Prescott Financial will help determine the appropriate allocation for your portfolio based on a complete financial picture, and as subsequent, will suggest a combination of investment vehicles that will appropriately fit your risk profile. Once your assets are invested, we will continue to review and evaluate your investment strategy to monitor its sustainability.


Asset Allocation is a method of diversification which positions assets among major investment categories. This tool may be used in an effort to manage risk and enhance returns. However, it does not guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

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