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Financial Planning

The term financial planning may mean different things to different individuals. Our focus is bringing together diverse strategies to develop uniquely tailored financial plans that give our clients the independence, and clarity often required to fulfill their life long Purpose — be it to better themselves, provide for their family, or to leave a legacy in the care of their community. Prescott Financial’s goal is to help individuals plant the seed of something that will continue to grow.

“Prescott Financial’s goal is to help individuals plant the seed of something that will continue to grow.”

A person’s standard of behaviors and beliefs concerning worth, ambition, and expectation are all derived from that individual’s own life story. It is for these reasons that Financial Planning cannot consist merely of singular numbers. The distinctiveness of a Financial Plan must be remarkably specific to the individual it belongs to so that each noteworthy hope or dream is accounted for.


Financial Planning is significant when assessing one’s current financial situation – big or small. By creating a plan, one can identify their objectives and apply a sensible or practical methodology of what can realistically be achieved to reach tomorrow’s desired destiny. Just like any building needs a strong foundation to withstand harsh elements, individuals too, need a strong foundation to endure the trials and tribulations that will undoubtedly be encountered in both personal and financial situations. Our collaborative and principled perspective of Financial Planning allows for a Purpose driven, transparent, and compassionate method of practice.

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