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Risk Management

The nerve center of Financial Planning is managing risk. Risk, unfortunately, wears many different hats, ranging from the discomfort of disability, the loss of life, surviving accumulated assets, and battling the prodigious estate tax and its accompanying complexities. Certainly, no one wants to shoulder financial burdens to loved ones nor does any individual prophesize the potential impact that rising medical expenses may have during the height of a decreased need for employability. Notably, the fundamental of risk mitigation is essential when preparing for the unknown.

“A sound asset allocation strategy is key when protecting prosperity in uncertain markets.”

A faithfully comprehensive Financial Plan with a built-in infrastructure can adequately manage assets while pacifying their counterparty risks. Prescott Financial outfits information from multiple professionals, including our clients’ estate planning attorneys, to consolidate investment intelligence and help protect intergenerational tax impositions from being handed down to your next of kin.


By captivating a universal approach in determining what matters most to our clients in life, Prescott Financial takes pride in proactively applying foresight to identify, measure, and monitor any weeds that can destruct the roots of your goals.


Due to our proficiency and business affiliations with some of the leading insurance carriers, we can offer a wide range of products including Life, Disability income, and Long Term Care insurance to help individuals address their risk management needs. Through an amalgamation of proper insurance products and complimentary financial measures, risk mitigation can help protect you and your family from a wide range of unpredictable financial risks.

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